1. As If To Dive

From the recording Clues


On a fifteen story ledge
barely dusk, deep autumn
warm as brandy
an orange sky
clouds like breaths
like white birds
like seagulls from the sea

Our toes line up
against the ledge
so it seems like
we might fall
but we don't fall
we don't fall
we smile and raise our arms
as if to dive, as if to dive
it's faith

People walking sideways
with shopping bags
and knapsacks
look like candy corn
baby carriages
matchbox cars
an accordion
that's a piano

We view the scene
with serpent eyes
and devil hearts
but we don't fall
we don't fall
we laugh
and raise our hands
as if to glide, as if to glide
it's faith

We trust
we have good balance
with faith in fate unknown
we hope we'll see tomorrow
in this echo of the dawn